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Amed and Tulamben are alternative destinations in east Bali. Amed is a quiet resort town which offers a couple of small hotels and good snorkeling. Tulamben is even quieter and popular with local divers. A shipwreck and a drop-off accessible from the beach offer easy access to a colourful underwater world. Diving courses are also available.

To the north east of Amed lies Tulamben whose claim to fame is the wreck of the USS Liberty, torpedoed off Lombok in WWII and towed to its present site for salvage. Unfortunately the 1963 Mt Agung eruption broke and scattered the hulk but it’s a great snorkeling and diving spot just 30 m from the beach and is home to literally hundreds of species of fish.

With the panorama changing drastically to dry hills covered with scrub, Tulamben is quieter and even more popular for diving. As one of the most renowned diving site in Indonesia, Tulamben offers diverse marine life and magnificent under water world.

The resort is 200 meters away from the famous Liberty Wreck, and about 300 meters away from the drop-off. The shark point and Manta point are also nearby. The Liberty Wreck is the relic of the U.S. Liberty warship that was torpedoed by the Japanese during World War II in the Lombok

Strait. She was beached on Tulamben when rescue attempts failed. When Mount Agung erupted in 1963, she broke into two and was swept to her present position close to the shore of Tulamben.

The hull is encrusted with coral and the fish have become quite tame because of the large numbers of divers here.

A perfect resort town that will bring back the memory of Kuta. Completed with simple tourist supporting facilities such as Losmen, small hotels and amateur entertainment, Amed is a popular site for snorkeling.

Amed has excellent snorkeling spot just off the black sand beach and further out in the bay is a coral wall with abundant sponges and hard and soft corals. Plenty of fish varieties could be found in this area, such as Black Snapper, Triggerfish, Cardinalfish, etc.

As the most sanctified and influential of the island's countless temples, Besakih Temple inherited shrines for all Hindu Balinese, who regard Pura Besakih as the apex of holiness. Having a main role as a home to the most important and sacred of Bali's many temples. Sighted on the high slopes of Gunung Agung, the highest and most significant volcano in Bali, Besakih enjoys spectacular views to all of southern Bali.

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