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Kute, also known as Putri Nyale Beach. Kute Beach on the South Coast of Central Lombok is one of the most scenic and unspoiled beaches in this part of Indonesia. Each year, on the 19th day of the tenth month of the Sasak Lunar calendar when the Nyale Fish come to the sea's surface, Kute Beach is the site of great festivities.

Fisherman sail out to the sea while young men and women gather along the beach to join in the marry making, tease each other and perhaps meet to build a more lasting relationship.

People Activities

The southern beach of Lombok, like Kute, Seger, Mawun, Tanjung, Grupuk, and Kaliantan Beach, with the waves that often hit the cliffs, appeared different on that morning. Crowds of people visited the beach to conduct the traditional Bau Nyale ceremony.

The Sasak tribe on Lombok Island mainly lives from farming, and rigidly hold onto their customs, in particular those that relate to the forces of nature that act upon life and farming. Unfortunately however, sometimes nature is not too friendly. Long draughts often upset the eco-system on Lombok Island, in particular South Lombok. With the result that rice fields dry out and harvests fail.
Since long before, agricultural fields on Lombok Island largely depend on the rainfall. To capitalize on this, much labor and time is needed. This tiring work certainly requires intermezzos and entertainment, among others by conducting the Bau Nyale ceremony (catching Nyale).

Nyale itself being a sea worm that lives only in rock bestowed beaches, like along the southern beach of Lombok. The purpose of the Nyale catching tradition being to implant a solidarity amongst the people in realizing unison and unity.

The locations that are much visited are the Pemongkong Village at Kalianten Beach, in the Regency of East Lombok, and Kute Village at Seger Beach, in the Regency of Central Lombok. The ceremonies are held between the 19-20th of the tenth month on the Sasak calendar, usually coinciding with the month of February, and is marked by the emergence of the star Rowat.

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