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Lost or Stolen Credit Card

American Express : 1-800-528-4800
Diners Club : 1-800-234-6377
Mastercard : 1-800-627-8372
Visa : 1-800-336-8472
Sensible Precautions

Don't leave valuables unattended in your rental car, on the beach or any other places that may attract thieves. Bali is a beautiful places to live and visit, but you still need to cautious.
On The Roads

Speed limits in Bali are generally lower then anywhere else. Wearing seat belts is mandatory for driver and front seat passengers. If your travel by motorbike, don't forget to put your helmet on.
Prior to Living

1. Keep a list of credit card and traveler's check numbers and a photocopy of your passport with a business associate, relative or friend in case your wallet or cards are stolen.
2. Never carry large amounts of cash: use traveler's check. If you must carry large sums of money, do not display it openly.
3. Have the telephone numbers to call in case your checks or credit cards are lost or stolen.
When Using Taxis

1. Use only designated licensed taxis.
2. Make sure your taxi driver is the person pictured on the license.
3. Inquire about the fare prior to embarking to your destination.
When Sightseeing

1. Ask for directions at your hotel on how to get to those attractions you want to visit, make sure you have maps and all numbers with you.
2. Select your guides carefully.
3. Ask if there is any areas in town you should avoid. Stick to well-lighted main streets and public areas.
4. Looking lost; (stopping and looking at addresses or staring at street signs) may make you look like an easy target for crime. If you do get lost, find and open business and ask for directions.
5. Only carry with you the cash you will need, and only in small denominations.
When at Your Hotel

1. Never leave valuables in your room, place them in the provided safe.
2. If you are driving by yourself, use valet parking when available.
3. If you lose your key, please notify the front desk immediately. Request for a new key may require you to produce identification.
4. Never announce your hotel room number or invite strangers to your room.
5. Report to management any suspicious movements in the corridors or rooms.
When Traveling Aboard

1. Check your local Government Department Travel Advisories before deciding on your vacation.
2. When you are in Bali, please familiarize yourself with the telephone number of the nearest foreign consulate of your country of origin.
3. Make two photocopies of the first two pages of your passport: one to carry with you and one for your luggage. Some countries require you to carry your passport with you, but most police departments will accept a copy until you can retrieve the original. Keep it in the hotel safe.
4. Carry only a small amount of local currency for taxis, gratuities and local purchases.
5. Be especially careful in "well-to-do-areas". Thieves know that's where you're most likely to let down your guard.
6. Ask the hotel concierge which parts of the city should be avoided, particularly after daylight hours.
Money Matters

Most banks are open 8am - 3pm, Monday - Friday. Foreign currency exchange is available at the main branches of large banks. You may cash your dollar currency or traveler's checks with your passport.
Government Tax

A tax of 10% is added to purchase in Bali. Foreign visitors must pay duty at customs upon their arrival at home.

All 4 & 5-star hotels in Bali use purified filtered water for food consumption and drinks. Don not drink from the tap water, 4 & 5-star hotels will provide you with purified bottled water. Travelers should have any questions concerning water safety, please talk to the duty manager at your hotel.
Where water might be contaminated, travelers should be advise that ice from establishments other than a 4 & 5-star hotel should also be considered contaminated and should not be use in beverages. If ice has been in contact with containers used for drinking, travelers should be advised to thoroughly clean the containers, preferably with soap and hot water, after the ice has been discarded.
It is safer to drink a beverage directly from the can or bottle with a straw than from a questionable container. However, water on the outside of beverage cans or bottles might also be contaminated. Therefore, travelers should be advised to dry wet cans or bottles before they are opened and to wipe clean surfaces which the mouth will be contact. Where water might be contaminated, travelers should be advised to avoid brushing their teeth with tap water.

To avoid illness, travelers should be advised to select food with care. All raw food is subject to contaminated. Particularly in areas where hygiene and sanitation are inadequate, the travelers should be advised to avoid smaller establishments outside from the 4 & 5-star hotels. 4 & 5-star hotels have much higher hygiene control system, this is way we pay little extra. Consumption of food and beverages obtained from street food vendors has been associated with a very high increased risk of illness. Do not eat from street vendors. The easiest to guarantee a safe food source for an infant < 6 month of age is to have the infant breast fed. If the infant has already been weaned from the breast, formula prepared from commercial power and bottled water from your hotel is the safest and most practical food.
Diarrhea Problem

What preventive measures are effective for travelers' diarrhea?
Travelers can minimize their risk for travelers' diarrhea (TD) by practicing the following effective preventive measures:
- Avoid eating foods or drinking beverages purchased from street vendors or other establishments where unhygienic condition are present.
- Avoid eating raw or undercooked meat and seafood.
- Avoid eating raw fruits (e.g. oranges, bananas, avocados) and vegetables unless you or the hotel peel them. If handled properly , well-cooked and packaged foods are usually safe. Tap water, ice, unpasteurized milk, and dairy products are associated with increased risk for TD. Safe beverages include bottle carbonated beverages, hot tea or coffee, beer, wine, and water boiled or appropriately treated with iodine or chlorine.

What treatment measures are effective for travelers' diarrhea?
TD usually is a self-limited disorder and often resolves without specific treatment; however, oral rehydration is often beneficial to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. Clear liquids are routinely recommended for adults. Travelers who develop three or more loose stools in an 8-hour period ---especially if associated with nausea, vomiting, abnominal cramps, fever, or blood in stools--- may benefit from antimicrobial therapy, call your hotel's doctor.
Summer Fun in The Sun

Skin and Eyes Beware.
Bali means we want to be outside to enjoy the warm sunny weather. Unfortunately, the warm weather has a downside. Skin cancers and cataracts are often related directly to the amount of sun a person is exposed to. Beleive it or not, 80% of our lifetime sun exposure occurs before we are 20 years old.
The folowing are some helpful tips to keep in mind this summer while we are enjoying the sun:
- Babies under 6 months of age should be kept out of direct sunlight. Move your baby to the shade or under three, umbrella or the stroller canopy. Dress babies in lightweight clothing that covers the arms and legs.
- Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside, and use sunscreen even on claudy days. The sun protection factor (SPF) should be at least 15. Remember that sunscreen may only be 50% effective as they claim. A rule of thumb is that children should not be out in direct sunlight for any longer than 5 minutes multiplied by the SPF being used (example: SPF 15 x 5 = 75 minutes). Try to keep children out of the sun between 10am and 4pm, that's when the sun rays are the strongest. Only use sunscreen made specially for children. While babies under 6 months may have a minimal amount of sunscreen applied to small areas (such as face or back of hands), the best advice is to avoid the sunlight. Always use a water resistant sunscreen and reapply if they have been in the water. Rashes and scars should get extra protection as this skin more sensitive. For scars, noses, and other parts that burn easily, use sunblock with zinc oxide. Everyone should always wear UV protective sunglasses. Hats with brims turn forward are good idea as well to protect the eyes and face.

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